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NBC Fall Preview 2013: 

The Blacklist
The world’s most wanted criminal (James Spader) offers to turn himself in along with everyone he’s ever worked with under some unique conditions. 

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers stars as the famous vampire who started it all. A period piece, as Rhys is used to, set in 19th century London where Dracula focuses on discovering the secret of electricity. 

This remake of a 1960s thriller follows Blair Underwood’s character as he kicks ass and solves crimes all while confined to a wheelchair.

The Michael J. Fox Show
Based on Michael J. Fox’s actual life. Follows him as he lives in NYC with three kids, a devoted wife and Parkinson’s disease all while trying to get back into the game as a news anchor. Welcome back to my television MJF, we’ve missed you. 

Sean Saves The World
Starring Sean Hayes as you guess it, Sean. This is a sitcom about a man who just received custody of his teenage daughter and also just got a new pain in the ass boss who requires all of his time. 

Welcome to the Family
Mike O’Malley heads this culture clashing sitcom about a white family and hispanic family joined by their two teenage children who fall in love and have an unplanned pregnancy.

Which one are you looking forward to?

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